Lt. Commander Jay Chen Condemns Rep. Young Kim for Long and Insidious Anti-LGBTQ Record

Lt. Commander Jay Chen Condemns Rep. Young Kim for Long and Insidious Anti-LGBTQ Record

HACIENDA HEIGHTS, CA – Today Lt. commander Jay Chen, and candidate for Congress in California’s 39th Congressional District, released the following statement condemning Rep. Young Kim for refusing to support the bipartisan Equality Act, which would amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to provide protections for LGBTQ individuals. 

“Yesterday, Representative Young Kim voted against extending basic human rights to members of the LGBTQ community,” said Chen. “While extremely disappointing, this is not surprising. Young Kim has a long and storied anti-LGBTQ vote record and history of bigoted aggressions.”

“I have been a staunch supporter of LGBTQ rights and was an active member in the No on 8 campaign. I am ready to stand with the LGBTQ community and demand respect and equality for everyone regardless of sexuality, gender, race, or religion,” Chen continued. “We can not sit idly by and tolerate this behavior.”

Young Kim, who has continuously been running for office for nearly a decade, has established a long history of opposing the LGBTQ community at every turn. In addition to voting against the historic Equality Act, Young Kim is on record with the following anti-LGBTQ trangressions: 

  • Young Kim opposes gay marriage.  
  • Young Kim does not believe that individuals are born with their sexual orientation or gender identity. 
  • In 2014, Kim was condemned for running bigoted campaign advertisements targeting transgender students
  • Young Kim told a reporter that legislation to protect transgender children from discrimination in California public schools is a “stupid, crazy bill” 
  • Kim refused to vote to allow healthy gay men to donate blood.
  • Kim voted against prohibiting state agencies from entering contracts exceeding $100,000 with companies that discriminate based on gender identity. 


California’s 39th Congressional District, split between Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino Counties, is one of the most competitive districts in the country. President Joe Biden won the district by an overwhelming ten points and it is currently represented by extreme Republican Young Kim, who won the seat in 2020 with a slim 4109 vote margin.