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Michelle Steel puts China's Interests Over The Needs of Californians

Jan 18, 2022

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FULLERTON, CA –  Last week Congresswoman Michelle Steel complained about made-in-China KN95 masks being distributed in the Capitol during the Omicron surge, proclaiming “Why is your government using your tax dollars to support the #CCP?

Congresswoman Steel’s hypocrisy rages on. Not only did Steel endanger her volunteers by distributing masks at least 65% less effective than the masks distributed at the capitol, but she clearly used campaign funds to purchase masks made in China.

Making matters worse, Steel’s husband and chief political advisor has been accused by the Wall Street Journal of helping Chinese nationals buy influence in the Republican Party.

Congresswoman Michelle Steel’s husband, Republican National Committee Member Shawn Steel, brought Chinese nationals as his guests to an exclusive Republican strategy meeting with top leaders in May of 2017. Mr. Steel’s guests were connected to Communist party leaders and donated nearly $500,000 to the Trump campaign following the invitation-only meeting in San Diego.

Republican National Committee officials demanded Steel to “break ties” with his guests after the news broke to “safeguard our politics from illegal foreign meddling.”

Shawn Steel’s behavior is particularly concerning in light of Michelle Steel’s habit of repeatedly using her power as an elected official to prevent oversight of government officials and her political allies.

Navy Veteran and candidate for Congress in California’s 45th Congressional district Jay Chen commented,“While Congresswoman Steel puts China’s interests over the needs of her constituents, and places cheap partisanship over public safety, I will always put the people of this district first.”


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