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Human Rights & Democracy

Jay led an intelligence team in the fight against the terrorist group ISIS and understands the critical role the United States plays as a beacon of democracy and as a leader on human rights.  He also saw firsthand the damage done to our credibility when allies were shunned and autocrats were courted by the last administration.

We must restore our standing in the world and among our allies by upholding human rights and  democratic principles here at home, by honoring our commitments to our international partners, and by holding to account those who abuse human rights and flout international law.  As a member of the US Navy’s 7th Fleet, he is proud to be part of the military command ensuring security for our democratic allies in the Western Pacific.

At home, the right to vote must be protected at all cost. When voters are suppressed and disenfranchised the soul of our democracy is threatened. In Congress Jay will work to pass legislation that strengthens voting rights, fights discriminatory policies, and bolsters public confidence in our democratic system.

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