Steel Vote Against CHIPS Bill Has Damaging Consequences for Orange County Law Enforcement.

ICYMI: Michelle Steel Votes Against Funding Local Police

Aug 23, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, August 23, 2022
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GARDEN GROVE, CA –  Despite claiming to support our law enforcement agencies, the real life implications of hypocrite Congresswoman Michelle Steel’s vote against the CHIPS Act are shown with the Santa Ana Police Department’s inability to use 25 new patrol vehicles due to the computer microchip shortage.

The CHIPS Act crucially improves America’s ability to compete against China through investing in the United States’ semiconductor industry, by shoring up US supply chains, while also creating good-paying manufacturing jobs.

“Although Michelle Steel claims to back the blue, she followed the lead of her extreme party bosses and voted against the CHIPS Act, which will help ensure our officers have the critical equipment they need to do their job,” said Lt. Commander Jay Chen. “In Congress, I will work with members of both parties to keep our officers and communities safe.”



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