Reporting details how Michelle Steel’s “Steel Fence” has deprived Orange County residents of beloved public lands

Roundup: Michelle Steel’s Past Corruption Once Again Exposed by Orange County Voters

Sep 13, 2022

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GARDEN GROVE, CA – Recent articles in the LA TimesDaily Pilot and the Voice of OC highlight how Michelle Steel consistently prioritizes wealthy private special interests at the expense of Orange County residents. Three months ago, the Orange County Grand Jury determined that while sitting on the County Board of Supervisors, Michelle Steel improperly tried to push the sale of protected parkland in Newport Beach’s Back Bay Reserve to one of her wealthy campaign donors for pennies on the dollar.

Now Orange County residents are once again expressing their displeasure at Michelle Steel’s blatant corruption. Last week protestors gathered outside of the “Steel Fence” to demand its removal. Voters in California’s 45th district want a candidate who prioritizes them over wealthy donors and private interests. Steel is not that candidate.

“It is shameful that Michelle Steel’s corruption continues to affect the lives of voters,” said Lt. Commander Jay Chen (res.). “Public lands are meant for public enjoyment, not for padding the size of her wealthiest donors’ private estates.. Whether Michelle Steel is bending the rules to help her richest donors, or voting against lowering the costs of life-saving prescriptions in Congress while pocketing money from Big Pharma, Orange County residents are being left behind. When I am in Congress, I will do what I have always done; defend the rights and resources of all Californians, not just the wealthy few.”


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