Michelle Steel has spent years forcing her extremist anti-abortion agenda on Orange County voters – with Lindsay Graham’s proposed nationwide ban – Steel is a step closer to succeeding

CA-45: Michelle Steel Will Be Rubber Stamp For National Republicans’ Dangerous Anti-Abortion Agenda

Sep 19, 2022

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GARDEN GROVE, CA – On Tuesday, Sen. Lindsay Graham unveiled his bill to implement a nationwide abortion ban, another step in Republicans’ extremist march toward stripping rights away from women across the country. California’s voters have made it clear that protecting the right to abortion is a vital issue. Yet, Michelle Steel continues to try and force the government into families’ health care decisions and deny this fundamental right.

Now the stakes are higher than ever for voters in California’s 45th district. If Michelle Steel is re-elected, she will once again join her party leadership to implement an extremist agenda that hurts communities. She already cosponsored legislation to implement a nationwide abortion ban that would make no exceptions for rape, incest or life of a woman, and even wants to take away Californian’s right to access contraception. These policies are too extreme for Orange County voters.

“Michelle Steel will not stop until her dangerous anti-abortion agenda is forced onto Orange County families,” said Lt. Commander Jay Chen (res.). “There is nothing hypothetical about it; If Michelle Steel is re-elected, she will support a federal ban on abortion that overrides any state protections Orange County families have to make their own health care decisions. I will always protect a woman’s right to choose.”

Steel’s Extreme Anti-Abortion Track Record:


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