Michelle Steel Calls Decorated Tawainese-American Naval Officer “Un-American”

LA TIMES: Congresswoman Steel Desecrates Navy Veteran, Exploits Immigrant Population

Oct 03, 2022

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ORANGE COUNTY, CA – The Los Angeles Times exposed campaign mailers sent by Congressmember Michelle Steel featuring “heavily doctored” photos of United States Naval Officer Jay Chen, calling him un-American. These mailers, “designed to inflame” minority communities, seek to question the Lieutenant Commander’s loyalty and Taiwanese heritage in a grotesque attempt to distract voters from Steel’s corruption and damaging vote record.

Lieutenant Commander Chen (res.) is the son of Taiwanese immigrants and a Navy intelligence officer holding a top-secret security clearance. Chen has confronted communism on the Korean peninsula and ISIS terrorists in the Middle East. Chen currently serves as part of 7th fleet, which is tasked with monitoring CCP aggression in the South China Sea; he was part of Keen Edge 2022, a US-Japan exercise to improve readiness in the Indo-Pacific. Chen’s own grandmother fled communist China before settling in Taiwan.

In response to the article, Chen’s campaign manager Lindsay Barnes offered the following statement:

“In the span of only a few days, Michele Steel – who has never worn a military uniform – preyed upon generational trauma in the Vietnamese community, pushed a patently untrue narrative that a Taiwanese-American is affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party, and attempted to defile a decorated Navy Veteran’s reputation and allegiance to the United States.”

Read the whole article here: https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2022-09-30/jay-chen-michelle-steel-china-communism-vietnamese-voters


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