Co-Hosts Elex Michelson and Marla Tellez criticize Rep. Steel for spreading hateful rhetoric and refusing to defend her unpopular positions

FOX11: Lt. Commander Jay Chen Confronts Michelle Steel Calling Him Un-American On Live TV - Steel Refuses To Appear

Oct 28, 2022

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GARDEN GROVE, CA – Lieutenant Commander (res.) Jay Chen appeared live on the Fox 11 Los Angeles Special Report Thursday night to address Congresswoman Steel’s xenophobic disinformation campaign. Co-Hosts Elex Michelson and Marla Tellez expressed frustration over Congresswoman Steel’s refusal to join the program and questioned Steel’s commitment to her role as a representative.

Steel’s decisions to unilaterally decline interviews, make no public appearances, and turn down every opportunity to debate have come under fire as she faces intensifying pressure to recant her widely condemned campaign advertisements.
Chen took the opportunity to directly address those exposed to Steel’s hateful television ads:

“I want to share a message to all the little kids that are out there… I want to send them a message. Don’t let anyone ever let you feel like you don’t belong, and that you are un-American.”

Watch the full interview here:


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