The Los Angeles Times Reports Damning Details of Grand Jury Investigation

GRAND JURY FINDINGS: Michelle Steel Orchestrated Corrupt Politically Fueled Land Deal

Jun 16, 2022

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GARDEN GROVE, CA – Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times outlined the findings of a bombshell Grand Jury Report that documented how Congresswoman Michelle Steel directed a corrupt land sale at the expense of Orange County residents.

In her previous role as “then-County Supervisor for District 2,” Steel pushed through the sale of protected park land to one of her wealthy campaign donors who lived adjacent to a desirable parcel. The Grand Jury Investigation found that “had the Supervisor representing District 2 remained in office, the sale of this land would most likely have gone through.”

Steel’s scheme significantly undervalued the parcel, circumvented established regulations and transparency measures, and obfuscated key details from the public for the benefit of a wealthy GOP political donor

The sale was stopped after significant community outrage, a well-organized petitioning effort, and ultimately Steel’s departure from the Board of Supervisors.

This Grand Jury Report illustrates yet another instance of Michelle Steel’s long pattern of corrupt behavior. From acting to expand private jet construction after receiving campaign contributions from a private jet operator to endorsing a disgraced Mayor who resigned following an FBI investigation over the land sale of Angels Stadium, it is clear that Michelle Steel not only condones a culture of corruption, she embraces it.

The full findings of the Orange County Grand Jury can be accessed here:


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