Steel Blows off Invitations from Seniors, Students, Homeowners and Women

CA-45: Michelle Steel Hides From Voters, Declines All Public Forums

Sep 19, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, September 19, 2022
CONTACT:, (714) 696-6048

GARDEN GROVE, CA – After repeated requests from the community to debate Lieutenant Commander Jay Chen, Congresswoman Michelle Steel continues to hide from the public, refusing to answer her constituents’ questions.

Since August 24th, Steel has refused to respond to extensive outreach from the League of Women Voters inviting her to debate Lt. Commander Jay Chen on the date of her choosing. The Congresswoman has also ignored at least three requests to participate in the upcoming California Alliance for Retired Americans Virtual Candidate Forum scheduled for September 21st.

Students of Fullerton College and Rossmoor Homeowners have also been slighted, left to assume that the Congresswoman will not participate in two upcoming Meet the Candidates events in the cities of Fullerton and Rossmoor; two cities which she does not currently represent in Congress that will choose between Lt. Commander Jay Chen and Congresswoman Michelle Steel in the Fall.

“Representatives must be willing to face their constituents, answer questions, and reveal themselves for who they truly are,” said Lt. Commander Jay Chen (res.). “Michelle Steel has never participated in a debate while running for Congress and she refuses to hold an in-person town hall.” Chen continued. “Michelle Steel must explain why she voted against lowering gas prices, against lowering healthcare costs, and opposed keeping guns out of your children’s schools.  Steel must also explain why she seeks a federal ban on abortion that would override the protections we have in California. The voters deserve answers and Steel must come clean on her extremist positions.”


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