After ignoring repeated requests to speak in front of constituents, Michelle Steel is AWOL when it comes to answering to voters

CA-45: Where in the World is Michelle Steel?

Sep 30, 2022

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GARDEN GROVE, CA – Voters and families across Orange County are all asking the same question: Where in the world is Michelle Steel? In the past few weeks, Michelle Steel has blown off invitations for forums and debates from seniors, students, homeowners and women. When voters have come seeking to learn more about her extremist and unpopular opinions, she hides and flat-out ignores them.

Since August 24th, Steel has refused to respond to extensive outreach from the League of Women Voters inviting her to debate Lt. Commander Jay Chen on her chosen date. The Congresswoman has also ignored requests to appear at an upcoming Fullerton College Forum and was a no-show at the California Alliance for Retired Americans Virtual Candidate Forum, the Garden Grove Neighborhood Associations Candidate Forum, and the Rossmoor Homeowners Association Candidate Forum.

Congresswoman Steel doesn’t just ignore her constituents; she also can’t seem to find time to do her job on Capitol Hill, having requested to vote by proxy a whopping 15 times already. So what has Michelle Steel been up to? It turns out she has all the time in the world to join RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel to push her out-of-touch agenda on the same voters she is ignoring daily. She also has enough time to peddle vile and racist misinformation about Jay Chen in a time of skyrocketing anti-Asian hate.

“It is frankly embarrassing that Michelle Steel is seeking re-election when she has done everything possible to vote against the interests of Orange County families while hiding from them as well,” said Lt. Commander Jay Chen. “Instead of answering for her terrible voting record, Michelle Steel romps around with extremists peddling lies and misinformation. When I am elected to Congress, I will be a voice for this community on Capitol Hill and at home.”


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